We welcome your inquiry into our school program here at St. John Elementary.

GRANT and AID-For Financial Aid go to

For Enrollment/Tuition:

-The link will take you to the FACTS Authentication Login page. Click Create Account. All users will be required to create a new account the first time they log in. Usernames and passwords used in previous years will not be accessible. If you have already created a username and password as a result of Enrolling another Student to a Jackson Area Catholic School, please use the same username and password that was created at that time.

-Follow the “online account profile” instructions to complete your name, address, phone number and email address sections. The User Profile is the parent or responsible person registering the student. You will be asked to set up a User ID and Password along with three different security questions. Write these down exactly as you entered them. You will be asked for this information again and it must be inputted exactly the same including capital letters.

-Once your online account has been created you will land at the registration home page. Click on the “Add Student” link on the left hand navigation pane and follow the onscreen instructions.

The name(s) of your returning student(s) will be on the family dashboard. Click start to begin. It is important to complete all enrollment materials, including remitting on line the non-refundable enrollment fee of $40.00.

Based on our projected enrollment, the cost to educate one child for the 2012-2013 school year is $5,559. The chart below shows how this breaks down:



Cost to educate


Parish subsidy and Fundraising*

One child (K-1)




One child (2-6)




2 Children (K-8)




3+ Children (K-8)

$16,677 or more


$9,167 or more




*Fundraising amounts to

 approximately $200 per family.


As you can see, the parish subsidy and fundraising are essential components in our attempts to keep tuition affordable. Unfortunately, our weekly Sunday offertory collections have suffered because many parishioners are feeling the economic pinch and because of the sad fact that many families fail to fulfill their Sunday obligation to attend Mass and to use their envelopes.


Ways you can help:

1)    Continue to, or begin to, bring your family to weekly Sunday Mass to fulfill your obligation, to contribute whatever amount you can afford to the collection, and to pray for our Catholic schools. Celebrating the Mass will help to strengthen your own family and our parish family as well. If we could bring just a fraction of the enthusiastic praying and singing from our Friday school Masses to the weekend Masses, we could lift the hearts and spirits of all of our parishioners.

2)    Share your time and talent by becoming involved in parish and school activities, individually and as a family.

3)    Support our school and area-wide fundraisers to the extent you are able.

4)    Share the St. John School family feeling with your relatives, friends and neighbors. Encourage them to choose St. John School for their children’s education.

5)    Spread the positives you see and hear about our school with everyone!!! Address concerns appropriately and discreetly within our school family to work toward a solution or resolution. Word of mouth can be our best advertiser and it can also cause the most damage. 

6)    Pray! Our single greatest asset is the ability to take our concerns to God, confident that He will continue to bless and to guide our efforts to educate His children in a faith-filled environment. 


Tuition and registration information on back.


Registration, Tuition and Grant Application Information for 2012 – 2013 School Year


As a show of solidarity among our Jackson Catholic elementary schools and as a sign of our commitment to our school families, we have agreed to no increase in the elementary school tuition for the 2012-2013 school year. The JCMS surcharge has been raised from $650 to $750 per child. We will also be implementing a $1,000 per family additional charge for those families who are not active, affiliated members of a parish.



* 2012-2013 Tuition *

FACTS fee per family $40 if paid online by April 15.
 After April 15, the fee will be $60.

Preschool 3 year olds (Mornings ~ T,TH)                $975

Preschool 4/Young 5 (Full day ~ M,W,F)               $2100

1 Child (K-1)                                                      $2728

1 Child (2-8)                                                      $3120

2 Children (K-8)                                                 $5455

3+ Children (K-8)                                               $7060

Elementary school book fees are included.

JCMS surcharge – additional $750 per child.

No church affiliation – additional $1,000 per family.


The 2012/2013 tuition payment deductions will begin in July.
  2% discount if paid in full by August 24th.


REGISTRATION – All families of currently enrolled students must re-register each year within the specified registration time to maintain their enrollment status. Tuition for the current school year must also be up-to-date in order to register for the next school year.

GRANT and AID APPLICATIONS for returning families need to be completed by May 1st.

If you do not have access to a computer or could use help with the process, you are always welcome to call us at 784-1714 or to come into the office for assistance.


We appreciate your prompt attention to registering your children as we begin to make plans for the 2012-2013 school year. We look forward to another year of working together with you and your children.

Thank you for your interest and please call us by phone at (517) 784-1714 between the hours of 7:40 am - 3:50 pm.